10 tips to Remove that Sex Smell from Your Home

Athena Fatbottum
3 min readSep 10, 2020

Doing “It” Everywhere Around the House?

Image by S B from Pixabay

I have sex all over my house. Yet, when you walk into my home, my bedroom, or bathroom, you will not encounter the aroma of pussy.

I have a set of cleaning processes to remove the sex smell from my things because I don’t want my home to smell like a brothel.

Here are my top ten techniques that work well for removing sexual odors of any type:

1. Cleaning trash cans is critical. Used condoms are both stinky and icky. Empty trash containers with used condoms immediately. Before putting in a new trash bag, take a quick minute to clean the bottom of the trash can, wiping it out with vinegar before replacing the bag.

2. My favorite dryer sheets are lavender. After a wild night, I’ll scatter the dryer sheets about the couch and loveseats to absorb any strange lingering orders. After an hour or so, I collect the dryer sheets to use in tip no. 3.

3. Putting dryer sheets in with the air conditioning filters of my home is a big help. When the air conditioning turns on, the dryer sheet smell blows into the room. The dryer sheets require changing at least once a month or after a memorable encounter.

4. Any carpet that I’m sexing on gets the stain treatment with vinegar and water. 1/3 cup of vinegar to 1 cup of water. Wipe any stains or wet spots with the vinegar and water. Treat problem areas with dry carpet cleaning powder and a vacuum cleaner. Every four months, I have the carpets professionally cleaned.

5. If I’ve had a particularly musty person in my bedroom, I strip and wash the sheets (after every encounter). I grab some onions and leave them on the bed; then, I close the door. The onion absorbs the human smell. The onion smell dissipates when I open the door, leaving no scent.



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